Come into our dream world.

It’s a healthy world filled with strong, happy people.
Where we live in sync with our planet, without selfish overconsumption.
Where we say no to cruelty, and focus on charity and emotional well-being.
Where all people, regardless of color or race, can support their families in dignity.

This is our little world, the world in which we hope to raise our families.

And we dream of the same for you and yours.

Our story

Two brothers founded Whisper Organics with the belief that positive change is like the tide. 
Our emphasis on family, focus on well-being, and love of giving are a force for good. Lifting our team, our customers, and eventually, dare we dream, the entire world.

Luckily, we get to do what we love while improving the health and sleep of our customers. We take so much pride in bringing you the finest organic cotton bedding, made with respect to the environment, dignity for the people in the manufacturing process, charity for causes we cherish, and a whole lot of love for humanity. 

We put our heart into our products. Each work of art is composed of long-staple cotton fibers. We use all-natural dyes to color our exquisite bedding sets. And we ensure that the entire manufacturing process, from the field to your home, sparks only joy and goodness for the people around us.

Small business, big heart

As a small business, we’re able to live our values authentically, spreading our
umbrella of warmth over the many lives we touch each day. 

We care for our customers personally, supporting them throughout the buying process and for years after their purchase. 

We foster a family-like relationship among our team. Our values take centerstage, and our work family enjoys a nurturing environment and the flexibility to live their best lives.

Our worldwide manufacturing partners
The global textile market is unfortunately not a happy place for many field laborers and artisans, who struggle for a living in third-world countries. We ensure that every person who touches our production process comes away with dignity, fairly compensated and treated like the special individuals they are.

Learn more about our organic commitment.

We’re honored to change the world, for you and with you.

The Whisper Organics Team