• organic-cotton-farming

    How do Cotton Farmers Practice Organic Farming?

    Posted by: Abe Skolnik

    Many cotton farmers today are adopting farming practices that produce high-quality and environment-friendly cotton. Welcome to organic cotton farming. This is a holistic approach that centers on natural and sustainable farming techniques. The aim is to keep up with market demands for cotton without continuing the harmful practices of traditional...

  • the-future-of-organic-cotton

    The Future of Organic Cotton

    Posted by: Abe Skolnik

    In 2013, Vivek and Juli Cariappa, organic farmers based in Mysore, India could not promote organic cotton easily. Back then, organic cotton had little value in a market dominated by transnational companies and global brands.

    Ten years later, organic cotton remains significantly small. Its percentage in...

  • organic-cotton-blanket

    Organic cotton blanket for winter - Can it keep you warm?

    Posted by: Abe Skolnik

    Winter is the time to keep your family warm, cozy, and healthy.

    The temperature drop can send chills in the middle of the night and rob you of the rest you deserve. So, a trusted blanket is a must when winter shivers wake you up, and you need an extra...

  • best-material-for-organic-mattress

    What is the best material for organic mattress covers?

    Posted by: Abe Skolnik

    What is the best organic mattress cover material? It is organic cotton, hands down.

    Since ancient times, organic cotton users have attested to its excellent quality. It provides luxurious and extra-soft comfort even for babies and the elderly. You can rely on its durability for a long time with...

  • organic-duvet-protector

    Is an organic duvet protector good for allergic skin?

    Posted by: Abe Skolnik

    The extra warmth and comfort of a thick duvet are what you need on cold nights. To keep it soft, fluffy, and able to fend off winter chills, having a duvet protector is indispensable.

    But what if you suffer from allergic skin? Then, the best choice is a naturally hypoallergenic...