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We harbor a deep love for nature’s raw, untouched beauty, and are committed to celebrating it through every product we create. Our organic cotton fibers are GOTS-certified and produced in Fairtrade-certified mills. Many of our products are made of Fairtrade-certified cotton. From growing through finishing, our products are non-GMO and free of all harmful chemicals like PFAS, pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides.

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A clean conscience makes a soft pillow. Make that the softest. We source our prime organic cotton fibers from fields in India and manufacture our bedding products with immense care and attention to detail. Our products are loved by our customers for their velvety textures, fine weaves, and superb longevity.

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We’ve built our company around a firm foundation of values - not the other way around. Family, relationships, nature, health, loving kindness and selfless giving are the reasons we exist. We’re proud to be part of the change we wish upon the world. And we’re honored to share the experience with you.

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