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Organic cotton flannel sheets are delightfully comfortable. They help you get better and deeper sleep with their warm cozy softness.

So, wrap yourself in its warm and safe organic cocoon this winter. Enjoy the eco-friendly safety only organic products can give.

Scroll down to learn more about organic cotton flannel sheets. Find out how they can help create a pure, enjoyable, restful environment and better sleep.

Here's the blog article's overview:

  • - Organic cotton flannel sheets mean warm comfort.
  • Why organic cotton makes the best flannel sheets
  • Benefits of GOTS-certified cotton sheets
  • How to care for your organic cotton flannel sheets

Organic cotton flannel sheets mean warm comfort.

Cold weather means colder nights. So, the best bedding you will need is warm flannel sheets to protect you from bitter cold temperatures.

Why flannel sheets?

The moment you slip into your bedding of flannels, you will feel the warmth. It feels warmer than regular sheets and retains that warmth even when you leave your bed.

How about its softness? The flannel's soft velvety, furry texture makes it gentle and soft to the touch. Light and sensitive sleepers will find this fabric inviting and comfortable.

What makes flannel warm and soft?

Flannel sheets give warmth and softness in the same way animal fur does. Its soft, fuzzy, fluffy fibers trap a thin layer of air that reduces heat loss. Meanwhile, your body heat adds to the warmth of the trapped air.

How do flannel sheets get that fuzzy, fluffy texture?

There are two ways to make flannels have a fuzzy, fluffy texture. One way is brushing. For brushed flannel, a fine metal brush is used to lift the fibers from loosely spun yarns of the cotton flannel. The second way is used for unbrushed flannels. The soft fuzzy texture comes from the fabric's loosely spun yarn when woven.

Comfortable bedding means better sleep

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), having good quality sleep is essential for health. One of its recommendations for better sleep is to ensure "your bedroom is quiet, dark, relaxing, and at a comfortable temperature".

Organic cotton flannels can help you achieve a relaxing and comfortable temperature. Here are the benefits of having these cozy sheets on hand:

  • The warmth of flannel sheets is stable. You do not have to worry about touching cold sections in your bed when you toss and turn. It is like being in a warm cocoon where you can sleep your worries and winter blues away.
  • Healthier source of warmth. Having naturally warm organic flannel sheets will lessen your need for indoor heating. That's a comforting fact for your family members who get dry airways when the thermostat is switched to high.
  • Save more energy with flannel sheets. The warmth that flannels give will help you lower energy costs. That means fewer worries and anxieties and more peaceful rest for you and your family. Get your good sleep habits going. Create a restful environment with warm flannel sheets so your family can enjoy healthier cold winter nights.

Why organic cotton makes the best flannel sheets

There are two popular options for flannel sheet material in the market: cotton and microfiber. Here are the reasons why cotton is better than microfiber for your flannel sheets: Cotton flannels are more comfortable.

  • Cotton gets softer with every wash and is more breathable than microfiber flannels. Light sleepers, hot sleepers, people with sensitive skin, and those with mental and physical issues will find cotton better. Ensure your cotton flannels are well cared for so they will last many years.
  • Cotton flannels are more breathable. The natural fiber of cotton keep you cool and dry compared to tightly woven microfiber sheets.
  • Cotton flannels stain less. Both cotton and microfiber sheets are easy to clean. However, cotton does better in having stains washed off than microfiber sheets. The synthetic fibers of microfibers are more prone to long-lasting stain than cotton.

Organic cotton has been a popular bedding material since ancient times. Why? Because it is extra-soft, comfortable, durable, and easy to wash.

What makes it more exceptional is it is naturally hypoallergenic and skin-friendly because it is grown without any pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides. Organic cotton is naturally dyed and can be safely used by babies and adults with sensitivities to synthetics and chemicals.

What more can you ask for when you have the soft, warm organic cotton flannel sheet to snuggle with in bed? Here are what makes them the best cozy bedtime companions:

Get better sleep in winter with a warm organic cotton flannel sheet

Now, pushing up the quality meter higher is organic cotton. Why is organic cotton better than regular cotton for your flannel sheets?

  • Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. Cold winter nights are grueling for those with allergies, asthma, and auto-immune illness. Nights will be filled with itches, sores, wheezing, sniffing, coughing, and breathing difficulties. Choose organic cotton flannel sheets to keep your family safe, particularly in winter.
  • Naturally dyed without any harmful chemicals. Brightly-colored flannels are fun to sleep in. Choosing your preferred colors and designs adds cheer and comfort, especially when the holiday blues hit you.

    What makes organic cotton better is it does not compromise your health with harmful dyes. Only natural dyes keep you safe, healthy and comforted.
  • Free of harmful chemicals. Regular cotton often has pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and flame-retardant chemicals in its fibers.

Organic cotton is free of any harmful chemicals. Make sure it is authentically organic by checking if the organic cotton flannel sheets you buy are made of GOTS-certified cotton.

Benefits of GOTS-certified cotton sheets

GOTS-certified cotton sheets are guaranteed high-quality flannel sheets. It has passed through the globally-accepted gold standards of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Check below the benefits GOTS certification offers:

  • You are saved from greenwashing fraud. What is greenwashing fraud? It is the technical term for fraud committed by businesses that make you believe that their products are genuinely organic.

Why do businesses greenwash? It is because organic products have higher price tags. They want to profit from a better profit margin but refuse to take on the expense and responsibilities of legitimate organic production.

This behavior is harmful to the organic industry, especially to consumers who pay a premium for organic products, more so when they need the health benefits the organic product promises.

What do greenwashers do? Here are common greenwashing practices you need to watch out for:

  • Use of misleading labeling. Greenwashers will use labels and packaging to make you think their product is organic. They may use stamps resembling the GOTS stamp, and mention words such as "recyclable", "green", and "eco-friendly". But, when inspected, the fine print on the label or packaging reveals otherwise.
  • Provide false information. Some greenwashers outrightly provide false information. It can be about the environmental impact of the product or the raw materials used. 

How to check if the product is GOTS-certified? Verifying if a product is GOTS-certified is easy. The GOTS website has a database to check if the suppliers are on their list. Click this link to access the GOTS database: GOTS Suppliers Database.

  • You get the best high-quality organic flannels in the market. GOTS is the gold standard of organic products in the market. All certified products are regularly inspected and verified at all points of its supply chain. What does this mean? It means that your flannels meet the following GOTS criteria:
    - Your flannel sheets are made from organic materials. These products are produced in farms using organic practices from harvesting, production, and all the processes until they get to you. Only natural dyes and safe compounds are used to ensure safety for producers and consumers.
    - They are made under strict eco-friendly conditions. Farm practices that pass the GOTS standards use sustainable farming methods that replenish the soil and consume less water than non-organic methods. Plants and animals are grown without GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides.
    - All producers follow socially responsible manufacturing standards. You are assured that all those producing your high-quality organic cotton flannel sheets were fairly treated and worked under humane conditions.

Make sure that your bedding products deliver the better sleeping environment they promise. GOTS-certified organic cotton flannel sheets can meet these expectations and help your family sleep comfortably and safely.

How to care for your organic cotton flannel sheets

Caring for your organic cotton flannel sheets is easy. Here are tips that will keep them in the best condition for many years.

  • Check the care instructions. Check the instructions provided by your organic flannel manufacturer. Choose a product you can machine wash.
  • Wash according to colors. To keep the colors of your organic sheets intact, separate them according to like colors.
  • Use cold to warm temperatures. Set your washing machine to the temperature recommended by your manufacturer. Best to use cold water or the warmest setting in the care label.
  • Set your machine on a gentle and delicate cycle. Use only gentle and delicate cycles in your washing machine to keep the natural fibers intact.
  • Use gentle natural washing products. Use natural, plant-based products for your detergent. For fabric softener, mix ½ cup of white vinegar per load.
  • Line dry or machine dry at low setting. Give your organic sheets gentle care by line drying or machine drying at the lowest setting. Remove them promptly from the line or the machine when dry so you will keep them soft and fluffy. 


Can organic cotton flannel sheets make for better sleep? The answer is yes. Organic cotton flannel sheets are comfortable, extra-soft, warm, and safe. Better yet, choose a GOTS-certified organic cotton flannel sheet to ensure a restful sleeping environment for your whole family.