Organic cotton blanket for winter - Can it keep you warm?

Winter is the time to keep your family warm, cozy, and healthy.

The temperature drop can send chills in the middle of the night and rob you of the rest you deserve. So, a trusted blanket is a must when winter shivers wake you up, and you need an extra layer of warmth to curl in.

Make that an organic cotton blanket for a peaceful, sustainable slumber this winter.

Check out this article to learn more about keeping warm with an organic cotton blanket this winter. Here is this blog’s overview:

  • - Staying warm in winter is crucial for your family’s health.
  • How to choose organic cotton blankets for your entire family.
  • Cozying up to eco-friendly GOTS-certified blankets this winter.

Staying warm in winter is crucial for your family’s health.

Staying well in winter is a challenge. Cold temperatures can be bad for your family’s health, especially for babies and children under the age of 5 and adults aged 50 and older with long-term conditions.

According to a recent study published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (Dec 2022), cold exposure impairs nasal immunity, making people vulnerable to illnesses. Viral diseases such as flu, Covid-19, and other respiratory threats abound in fall and winter so getting your family warm is a priority during these seasons.

Why is sleep quality important?

Sleep is as essential as food and water. When we do not get enough sleep, our mental and physical functions suffer. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention US (CDC), poor sleep quality is linked to chronic diseases and conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and depression.

So, sleep is not a luxury, but you can make your experience luxurious. Here are helpful tips for good sleep hygiene:

  • Plan to sleep and wake up at the same time every day so your body will fall into a regular rhythm.
  • Create a quiet, dark, relaxing and comfortable sleeping environment.
  • Remove any electronic distractions in the room, including smartphones, televisions, and computers.
  • Eat well and avoid food that will keep you awake, like caffeine and alcohol, before bedtime.
  • Exercise! Getting into reasonable amounts of physical activity during the day will help you slip into dreamland easier.

How your blankets can help you be safe and warm

Creating a relaxing and comfortable sleep environment is part of good sleeping habits. With temperatures dropping in winter, blankets are your best companion. They can keep you safe, healthy and warm indoors in several ways. Check out these safety winter tips from the US CDC:

Keep extra blankets as a safe primary heat source.

Extra blankets are a safe way to keep yourself warm in case other heat sources are unavailable. Alternative sources such as wood stoves, a fireplace, or space heaters need careful and watchful tending. Always keep safe and cautious with fire hazards.

Use blankets to conserve heat in your room.

You can conserve heat indoors by covering your windows with blankets, especially at night.

Make sure babies, and older adults are warm.

Infants lose body heat quickly, while older adults make less body heat because of slower body functions. Check them regularly and reserve extra blankets for them.

Carry extra blankets when traveling.

You never know what can happen to your car when traveling in winter. So, ensure you have blankets if your car breaks down or you get snowed.

An organic cotton blanket is a good choice for warming your winters.

Winters may be grueling with the bitter cold, so the clothing and bedding material you can best consider must be convenient to use, provide adequate warmth, and be comfortable even for babies, older adults, and the sick.

An organic cotton blanket can give you these benefits and more. Check out the list below:

Your organic cotton blanket is ultra-soft and comfortable.

The plush softness and comfort of the organic cotton blanket is legendary. People have enjoyed this benefit since ancient times. Organic cotton remains a popular fabric material to this day.

Your organic cotton blanket is non-toxic and chemical-free.

Organic cotton is pure and free of harsh toxic chemicals, making each fiber safe even for the most sensitive family member. You can sleep peacefully knowing that only the purest materials were used to create your blanket.

Your organic cotton blanket is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly.

The natural fibers of organic cotton do not trigger allergic reactions. It is skin-friendly and safe for those with sensitive skin. Your sleep is itch-free, and you will not develop any long-term symptoms affecting your skin and the rest of your body.

Your organic cotton blanket is naturally dyed without any harmful chemicals.

Beautifully designed blankets are a joy to sleep with. For an organic cotton blanket, the added benefit is the safety of natural dyes that make your blankets delightful to sleep in.

An organic cotton blanket can be used all year round.

The organic cotton blanket is your all-season bedspread. They keep you warm and toasty in the middle of winter and are also not too heavy for summer use. It is economical and versatile.

An organic cotton blanket is easy to wash and dry.

Organic cotton blankets are popular because they are convenient to keep in good condition. Wide varieties and options are machine-washable and can be tumble-dried in dryers. Make sure to follow your organic blanket manufacturer’s care instructions.

How to choose an organic cotton blanket for your winter use.

Keeping warm with organic cotton blankets will give you luxurious, comforting sleep throughout winter. Here are tips on how to choose the best for your entire family.

Choose a heavy and thick organic cotton blanket.

Heavy and thick organic blankets can provide adequate warmth and a calming weight for nights of restlessness. Choose one that feels the perfect weight and thickness to suit each family member.

Choose a generously sized organic cotton blanket.

For restless nights with tossing and turning, choose a generously sized blanket, like a king or queen-sized, so you can have a full-body hug with your blanket.

Choose a loosely woven organic cotton blanket.

A loosely woven blanket is warmer than a tightly knit one. Its holes and spaces trap body warmth, and the heat takes a while to escape. Plus, an organic cotton woven blanket has a textured feel your skin will enjoy.

To ensure you get a genuine organic cotton blanket, check if it is GOTS-certified. Read on to learn more about what makes a GOTS-certified organic cotton blanket the best choice.

Cozying up to an eco-friendly GOTS-certified organic cotton blanket this winter.

Organic cotton blankets are good, but a 100% organic GOTS-certified organic cotton blanket has passed global gold standards. GOTS, or Global Organic Textile Standard, ensures strict standards and protocols for organic products throughout its supply chain. What does this mean?

Your organic cotton blanket passed strict organic standards.

GOTS-certification standards and protocols are unrivaled at present. GOTS has teams of organic textile and organic farming experts who developed a system to check and monitor globally.

Your organic cotton blanket is genuinely organic.

Genuinely organic means GOTS teams checked the product from the seed to the finished product. All elements in the supply chain are tracked and traced, from inputs to dye to packaging. This standard makes GOTS certified organic cotton a cut above the rest.

Your organic cotton blanket is eco-friendly.

Your GOTS-certified organic blankets are untouched by harsh and toxic chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic dyes. Your family can safely sleep in peace.

Your organic cotton blanket was ethically produced.

Cotton has a bitter history connected with slavery. GOTS ensures that all workers producing your soft and cuddly blanket are humanely and fairly treated. All farms and factories are also traced and checked for good working conditions.

GOTS certification assures you of your family’s safety and cozy comfort with peace of mind because you know you are using a pure, healthy blanket you can keep for many years.

How to care for your organic cotton blanket

Yes! You can enjoy your organic blanket for a long time with proper care. Here are the steps you can take so your organic blankets remain soft, comfortable, and warm:

Check and follow the care instructions.

Read the care instructions carefully. This step keeps your organic cotton blanket in top condition and helps ease processes in case of warranty and returns. Choose machine-washable blankets and those that can be tumble-dried in your dryer.

Wash your blankets separately from other clothing items.

To prevent snags and rough washing that can damage the fibers of your organic blanket, separate your organic blankets from your other clothing items. Also, categorize your washing according to colors: whites, light-colored items, dark colored items.

Use cold to warm water settings.

The length of organic cotton fibers in your organic cotton blanket keeps it soft, fluffy, and comfortable. So, use warm water setting when washing because it is enough to sanitize your blankets. Putting the setting on high heat may damage the organic cotton fibers and cause them to lose their luxurious feel.

Machine-dry at lowest settings.

Set your dryer at the lowest settings when drying your organic blankets. This step helps keep the cotton fibers intact for as long as possible. With proper care, that means many years to come.

Organic cotton blankets are time-tested quality beddings. You are assured of its quality, comfort and softness, and these simple care instructions can help your family enjoy it for a long time.


Yes, your organic cotton blanket can help keep you warm in winter. Plus, they are safe and eco-friendly.

Your sleep will be comfortable and relaxing, knowing it is what it should be - one that restores your body and mind to shape even in the coldest winters.

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