Why is an organic mattress cover better than other mattress protectors?

Keep your bed safe. Know why an organic mattress cover is really much better than other protectors.

You spend most of your time every day on your bed - sleeping. It is where you replenish your body and get the energy to live for another day. Make sure to give your bed mattress special protection.

But don’t just buy any cover. Buy one that’s made from certified organic cotton, just like this premium cover from Whisper Organics. This bed cover, woven with a 300 thread count, is super soft and sturdy. It protects your mattress from dust, stains, and sweat while you sleep like royalty throughout the night.

Why are organic mattress covers better?

Before delving into the benefits of an organic cotton mattress, let's discuss why a mattress protector or cover is important.  

Benefit #1: A mattress pad protects your bed

A mattress cover or pad is a removable bedding or pad designed to cover the top part and sides of your mattress for extra protection. It is an essential accessory nowadays because it lengthens the mattress' years of service to you and your family.

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Your mattress pad preserves your bed

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It shields your bed from natural elements that harm its quilt and foam

Mattress pads function as a shield. At home, the bed is vulnerable to natural elements. UV rays entering the room through a window facing the sun can help prevent bacteria and dust mites from replicating. But overexposing the mattress to the sun can harm the quilt’s texture. In case you positioned your bed beside the window, a mattress pad cover will minimize the damage of UV rays.

It makes your bed liquid proof

Your bed is also vulnerable to elements like liquids, stains, paint, food, and organic waste. And don't forget the skin oils you release when using it. You don’t want any of these to reach your well-loved mattress. When any liquid drops on a bed, for example, the dampened quilt and underlying foam become breeding grounds for bacteria and molds. Mattress protectors can prevent this from happening. Most cotton mattress protectors available in the market have thin polyurethane film sandwiched between its fabric. A 100% organic mattress, however, does not have any plastic in it. But it’s quilted by experts to prevent any accidental spills and stains from reaching your mattress.

It makes your mattress more durable

Here's another reason why you need a mattress protector. Although you don’t move your bed often, the mattress is damaged every day because of activities done inside the room. Kids love jumping on their beds as if they were a trampoline. While a mattress pad does not make your bed sturdier, it provides additional cushion to help your bed last longer.

Benefit #2: A mattress pad protects your budget

Aside from protection, a mattress pad helps reduce your home expenses. Since a good mattress is important for your daily sleep and rest, you can’t settle for ordinary brands. We all know that nothing beats the quality of a premium mattress. It makes your sleep much better than when using regular foam. But without a good mattress protector, it is highly vulnerable to damage.

The typical lifespan of a mattress protector

A good mattress should serve you well for several years. Here is a mattress’ lifespan based on their build and material:

  1. Latex mattress. This type of mattress often last the longest. It is made from several layers of synthetic or natural foam. A latex mattress can last between 15 to 25 years.
  2. Memory foam. This is made from engineered polyurethane to allow more durability for the foam. This type of mattress can serve you well for 8 to 10 years.
  3. Hybrid mattress. A hybrid mattress combines different materials like latex, memory, foam, and gel. Some hybrid mattresses also use an innerspring system to give it better bounce and durability. A hybrid mattress can last for more than 7 years up to 10 years.
  4. Innerspring mattress. This kind of mattress is the most common types in the market. It combines foam and metal wire to make up its cushion. This mattress can be useful for 5 to 7 years. 

Of course, the durability of your mattress depends on different factors. Mishandling your mattress, like setting it on an uneven frame or putting heavy objects on it, can damage its external layers at once.

A familiar example you can relate with

Let’s say you purchased a premium king-size memory foam mattress made from organic cotton for $400. After a week of use, you though of eating your favorite breakfast of fruits in bed. Unfortunately, you accidentally spilled a glass of orange juice on it. The liquid seeped through the blankets and covers before you could get up and clean the mess. And because you don’t have a mattress pad cover, it reached the insides of mattress itself and moistened parts of its quilt and foam.

breakfast in bed

There's no turning back when your organic cotton mattress gets wet

Not all spills like this can harm your mattress at once. But if this happens often, your mattress is in trouble. Yes, you can remove the spill using clean rags and a vacuum cleaner, and then let it bask under the sun for a few hours. But there is no way for you to clean the mattress’ inside layers. The moist caused by the liquid will become a breeding ground for molds. Now, you don’t want to buy a new premium organic mattress of this value within a year or two because of molds.

Buy a mattress pad cover to save money

The solution is to invest in mattress protectors. You can buy one with organic cotton for less than $200, like those we sell at Whisper Organics. Just in case someone drops a glass of water on your bed, only the cover is affected. When it's time to make replacements, you only need to buy a new protector, not the mattress itself. In other words, your mattress pad helps you save money. It preserves your premium mattress to make it last longer.

Benefit #3: An organic cotton mattress pad protects your health

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The issue we want to answer is whether you really need an mattress protector made from organic cotton or not. We already mentioned the benefits of a mattress protector for your bed and your wallet.

But we haven't said anything about its direct benefit to your family. Buying organic cotton products, especially for mattress covers, is ultimately for you and your family’s health and comfort.

Mattress pads made from organic material are safe for your health

Not all mattresses in the market can benefit your health. Yes. They can protect your bed from unwanted dirt and fluids. They can also help you reduce unnecessary expenses. But only organic mattress covers can protect your mattress, your budget, and your health.

What does this mean?

Unlike traditional mattress covers, only those labelled as organic cotton are safe for your health. All organic mattress protectors do not contain harmful chemicals.

Why are non-organic mattress pads harmful to your health?

There are many reasons why you should only organic mattress protectors. Here are common non-organic materials used for mattress pads and how they affect your health.

  1. Vinyl. Many cheap mattress covers sold in the market are made from vinyl. Vinyl is used because of its waterproof properties. But this synthetic resin is dangerous to the health. Studies on plastic products reveal that vinyl releases toxic chemicals connected with chronic diseases like cancer, lung problems, and can lead to birth defects in children. Avoid vinyl at all costs.
  2. Polyurethane. Manufacturers use this material because it is both waterproof and considered safe plastic. But it still carries chemical compounds that can harm your health. The American Chemistry Council says polyurethane can cause irritation or allergic reactions on the eyes, lungs, nose, skin, and other organs. Make sure to check how much of this material is in the waterproof mattress protectors you are using.
  3. Regular cotton. Cotton mattress covers are popular. But unless its organic cotton, these will yield serious health problems for their users. In cotton farms, for example, the plants are sprayed with powerful chemicals to kill pests. But these chemicals are harmful to people as well. One common ingredient, named Aldicarb, for example, is so deadly that its undiluted form can kill a person with a single drop. Unfortunately, many products made from regular cotton still carry harmful toxins without their buyer’s awareness. Since your health is important, you don’t want any of these materials in your mattress protectors. You need one made from organic cotton.

Organic is the best material for a mattress pad

Your mattress protector should be organic because that’s the only way for you to protect your bed, your budget, and your health. But how do you know it’s made from organic materials?

Look for the GOTS certification

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. This is a global standard designed to make sure that farmers and manufacturers abide by international organic farming standards. The GOTS applies to all natural textiles like cotton, wool, and silk. It also certifies bamboo fiber textiles.

When you see a product with the GOTS label, it means it has at least 70% GOTS-certified organic cotton fiber. If it carries the “organic” label, it means 95% of the cotton fibers it contains are certified by GOTS.

Choose premium organic materials for your mattress pad

There are many brands carrying premium GOTS-certified organic cotton. Our mattress covers at Whisper Organics, for example, use materials from farms with GOTS certification. And to make it safer, these covers are 100% organic. It’s perfect for your mattress and for your health.

Premium organic mattress covers are also breathable. While they contain a very thin liquid-proof barrier between the organic cotton fabric, they are engineered with a PU membrane that keeps the covers safe and airy.


Are organic mattress protectors good for your health? Yes.

When buying a mattress cover, select brands carrying certified organic cotton.

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These are durable, budget-friendly, and safe for you and your family’s health. You can do this by choosing those that use the GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Organic mattress protectors will give you peace of mind, knowing that your family’s health is not compromised while they rest or sleep on their beds.

If you’re using mattresses made from certified organic cotton already, what is your sleeping experience?

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