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Pure Wool Organic Throw Blanket

Pure Wool Organic Throw Blanket

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100% Natural, KBT Certified, Soft Pure Wool Throw Blanket. Fluff up your bed with extra warmth and comfort in these heavy 600GSM pure wool blankets. These blankets trap body heat and are super soft and cozy. Stay warm even under the coolest temperatures with our durable blanket. Great for indoors and outdoors, for bed or on the couch for to stay extra cozy on cold nights.

  • KBT CERTIFIED - Our 100% Pure Wool Throw has full KBT (Controlled Organic Animal Husbandry) certification, German raised in natural healthy conditions under strict EU regulations. Healthy sheep with premium quality wool. 
  • NATURAL WOOL BLANKETS - Pure wool fibers from The Coburger Fuchsschaf (also known as Coburg Fox Sheep) is a domestic breed from Germany. The wool has a characteristic reddish brown to light golden color. It is dirt-repellent, self-cleaning.
  • TEMPATURE REGULATING- Pure wool can cool and warm having the ability to trap air and is therefore breathable and temperature-regulating.
  • ODOR RESISTANT - The wool blankets naturally absorbent properties retains moisture without permitting bacteria to develop. With a little airing out no odors will stay about.
  • COZY COVER FOR WARMTH - Pure wool feels extra warm and soft, this cozy blanket is also very elastic and crease resistant
  • TWIN SIZE BLANKET: One gorgeous homey Twin size throw without tassels, 60" x 79" in size. This soft cozy blanket looks inviting on any bed and creates a welcoming, homey feel.
  • YOUR SATISFACTION, OUR PRIORITY - We are confident in the quality of our blanket and offer a full 1-Year Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied, just reach out to us for a full refund.

The German certificate, KBT (Kontrolliert biologischer Tierhaltung) meaning "controlled biological animal husbandry", ensures that no animal suffers while being kept or sheared, and they receive species-appropriate husbandry as regulated by the EU. This means that the animals are kept in appropriate grazing areas and are able to reproduce naturally. Also, mulesing, tail docking and other harmful interventions are strictly prohibited. Furthermore, fattening aids and the use of genetically modified animal feed are prohibited; sheep under these regulations with clean stables and ample outdoor area to run around live happily and grow to be healthy and sound. As well, the use of pesticides, insecticides or other harmful chemicals for both the animals and the grazing grounds, are prohibited.

 Care Instructions:

  • Hang blanket out for a night protected in cold wet weather, prior first wash. The blanket will release odors and will be easy to brush out afterwards.
    1) Use regular hair shampoo or special wool detergent
    2) Wash in cold water, stir shampoo to foam until dissolved
    3) Soak for 5-10 minutes
    4) Rinse with cold water and gently lift so it won't expand
    5) Squeeze excess water out, without twisting it
  • Dry blanket on a towel placed on flat surface
  • Do not wash with soap
  • Do not wash in water above 30 °C
  • Do not rub hard to remove dirt
  • Do not soak for a long period of time
  • Do not dry on a clothes rack/horse with clothes pegs
  • To keep the blanket healthy brush with a horsehair/textile brush regularly. Brushing can also remove foreign hairs and small stains prior wash

The sheep's own lanolin fat prevents dirt from penetrating into the wool fibers, but unfortunately it is also eventually washed out of the blanket by washing.

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